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Museum Stores are know for many things but one of the most popular categories is Jewelry.  Not only replicas of historic pieces, but also novel and unique designs from the cultures and artists of the world.  Museum Store Company has a great selection of truly unique and distinctive jewelry which makes great accessories for any collection and perfect gifts.

Ancient Greek Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For example, Aphrodite Coin Earrings - Greek, c. 480 B.C. - Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and beauty, is depicted on this coin holding the golden apple of discord. This prize was awarded to the most beautiful of the Olympian goddesses in the judgment of Paris, prince of Troy. The judgment was believed to.... Visit Ancient Greek Jewelry

Ancient Egyptian Jewelry : Museum Store Company. Scarab & Lapis Earrings - The ancient Egyptians attached great religious significance to the combination of lapis and gold and to the humble scarab beetle, a symbol of resurrection and eternal life. Regalia made of gold and lapis was believed to place the wearer under the... Visit Ancient Egyptian Jewelry

Anatomical Pendants and Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For example, The Brain - From our 3D Anatomical Medical Collection, our Brain Pendant was intricately hand carved creating an anatomically accurate three dimensional (3D) representation of the Brain. As a fully dimensional piece, this pendant captures not only scientific accuracy, but the beauty and splendor of the human body -- a true conversation piece! Visit Anatomical Pendants and Jewelry

Medieval Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For Example, The Medieval Labyrinth Necklace, Gothic 13th Century - The medieval Labyrinth of Rheims necklace. The ancient meditational device of walking the path of a labyrinth has been widely revived in recent years. Labyrinths appear in many cultures with ancient, medieval and modern examples. Unlike mazes, which... Visit Medieval Jewelry

Buddhist Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For Example, Buddha Touching The Earth Pendant on Cord : "Siddharta" - The Buddhist Collection - Gautama Buddha was born in 563BC in northeast India. The Buddha was the son of the King of the Sakyas, Suddhodana, who ruled at Kapilavastu, on the border of Nepal. His mother was Queen Maya. He was named Siddhartha. He lived amidst the pleasures of... Visit Buddhist Jewelry

Faberge Inspired Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For Example, Imperial Blue Egg on Bow with Pearl Necklace - Faberge Inspired - Russia, 18th - 19th Century - Russian Collection - Imperial court jeweler Carl Faberge and his craftsmen created magnificent eggs of various designs not only for Russian nobility, but also for European dignitaries and the Faberge shops. In 1886 the House of Faberge was granted... Visit Faberge Inspired Jewelry

Ancient Goddess Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For Example, the Minoan Snake Goddess Pendant on Cord : The Goddess Collection - This figurine represents an agricultural fertility Goddess or her Priestess. The original was found in a storage room in the Palace of Knossos, Crete. She is a votive offering and not a cult figure and therefore, probably represents a Priestess who... Visit Ancient Goddess Jewelry

Sundial Ring Pendants : Museum Store Company. For Example, the Aquitaine Celtic Influenced Sundial Ring Pendant - 12th Century - Engraved with an authentic Celtic knotted design, this beautiful pendant, handcrafted in pewter is a favorite. Eleanor of Aquitaine gave a similar sundial to King Henry II to remind him when it was time to leave the hunt and join her for one of their love trysts. Henry had a copy of the dial made for Eleanor and had it inlaid with diamonds and engraved with the words Carpe Diem, or "Seize the Day". We can't inlay the diamonds, but Henry's inspired words are there on the inside of the pendant. Visit Sundial Ring Pendants

Collectors MuseumMint™ Coin Jewelry Pendants : Museum Store Company. For Example, Collector's 1986 Statue of Liberty Commemorative Half Dollar Coin Pendant Coin Jewelry - Actual Authentic Collectibles -From our Museum Mint Collection: This elegant commemorative coin was created in honor of the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty to the United States. The Statue of Liberty stands proudly overlooking the growing New York... Visit Collectors MuseumMint™ Coin Jewelry Pendants

Classic Chinese Jewelry : Museum Store Company. For Example, Chinese Double Happiness Ring - When the Chinese character for joy is doubled, it means shared bliss and is often used in the celebration of marriage, and as an assurance of continuing conjugal happiness for the future. Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy which requires... Visit Classic Chinese Jewelry

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